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5 Reasons why your Car got Towed  

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Sometimes towing companies would have to answer to other peoples call and tow your car. This is definitely something that could throw you a curve ball and something you definitely don’t want to suffer through. However, some towing Hillsboro companies would say that they would tow a car away if there is a valid reason for it. That means now you have to learn what are those things that you should avoid or address to ensure that your car would not get towed without your authorization.  

Car got Towed

In this article you will learn, what are the reasons why your car got towed without your permission.

Illegal Parking 

When you park your car illegally there is a danger to it, not just to you as the driver but also the pedestrians that do. The no parking sign is put there in the area, not just to make the place look good. There is actually a reason as to why authorities do not want you to park your car in that area. If you do not follow their rules you would most likely see your car towed.

Expired Registration 

When your traffic police learn that the registration of your car is expired you might find your way in some serious trouble. It could be that your car would be impounded and that is something that you don’t want to go through. When your registration is expired your local traffic police will have the right to have your car towed away.  

You will then have to go to the impounding station and show the receipt of the renewal of registration so that you could retrieve your car.  

Obstructing Walkways 

Again, when you park your car somewhere that is not designated for parking your car will be towed. Most especially if you parked somewhere in which you obstruct walkways or roads. You need to make sure that you don’t do this no matter how short a time, because other people would be using that walkway and by parking it there it makes sure that you are have done something that others would not have done.  

Unlicensed Driver 

If again, your local traffic police finds out that you are an unlicensed driver they would have your car towed away. This is to make sure that you do not endanger others and yourself. This is also, to make an example and so others won’t follow in your footsteps. Just imagine if you have a ton of unlicensed drivers driving around the city. Just imagine the disaster that could happen from that.  

Disabled Car 

If your car is broken or beat up you might have to get your car in the impounding station. Reasons this could pose a very serious threats to others or that again there is no way that you could move a disabled car out of the way, just so you won’t be creating some sort of bad traffic that would be a hassle to other motorists and pedestrians.  

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