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A lot of people don’t care about trees now as they don’t know the value of the plants and trees in our surrounding. Nowadays, a lot of people out there are cutting trees because they want to build more establishments and other kinds of building. In doing this, it reduces all the benefits of the trees to our environment and most specially to the people and all the living things that are dependent to the trees. Tree Surgeon Oxford said that most of the number of the population don’t know about the gift that these plants can give to continue living in this world. Let’s get to know one by one all the possible benefits of having it in our location. 


  • A large of number of animals are using trees as their main source of food. It gives them shelter to live and to sleep. This is also the place where they can guide and look after their kids. Because of this, it creates a wonderful living place for wild animals in the forest. If you save the trees from cutting them, it will totally mean that you are protecting as well all the animals depending to this.  
  • It helps also to the problem of soil erosion. Floods are very common phenomena now, places that don’t have trees are easily get polluted and be the center of the high-level flood. Think about the mountains, if there were no plants or trees out there, it would be eroded easily and most of the soil and the mountain there will be removed and result to landslide. 
  • Trees provide us some clean and fresh air. This is the reason why we need to plant more so that we could still breathe some fresh and pleasant breeze of the air.  
  • They give shades from a very high temperature place or having too much sunlight can give the roof to hide. If your house is next to a tree or your place is surrounded by trees it would give a total cooling effect to your house. It would not need to install air conditioner even at night as you can feel the cold breeze of the wind going through to your window.  
  • For us, the main use of them is giving us the food we need. We can have fresh vegetables and fruits to survive in this world. But aside from that it also gives us the things we need in our house. Woods that are being use to make furniture like table, desk, chair, cabinet and many more are from the trees. It provides us a lot of essential things that we have right now.  
  • Having them in your back yard or garden helps you to feel more relaxing and having a peace of mind. If you feel tired from your work, you can just look at them to ease the feeling and set your mind at peace.  

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